Above and Below Above and Below
Emerging Trout Emerging Trout
“T” is for Trout “T” is for Trout
The Ones That Got Away The Ones That Got Away
Rising Trout Rising Trout
“Z” is for Zebra Mussels “Z” is for Zebra Mussels
Fantasy Captured Fantasy Captured
Trout Trout
5 Walleye (black & white) 5 Walleye (black & white)
Phish Head Phish Head
Sea Creatures Sea Creatures
Walleye Walleye
Fantasy Uncaptured Fantasy Uncaptured
Ah, Those Bass Ah, Those Bass
Walleyes Walleyes
Solstice Moon Solstice Moon
Rising to the Top Rising to the Top
5 Walleye (hand colored) 5 Walleye (hand colored)