Red Numbered Boats on Calm Seas Red Numbered Boats on Calm Seas
Dance with the Devils Dance with the Devils
Northern Lights Northern Lights
Landscape Landscape
Rive Gauche Rive Gauche
Regatta and Blue Horizon Regatta and Blue Horizon
Red-Numbered Hulls Dockside Red-Numbered Hulls Dockside
Peaceful Anchorage Peaceful Anchorage
Boats on the Beach Boats on the Beach
Embrace Embrace
“B” is for Bridge “B” is for Bridge
Island Harbor (tempera painting) Island Harbor (tempera painting)
Rowboats at Sunset Rowboats at Sunset
Dinghies at the Dock Dinghies at the Dock
Spruce Swamp Sunset Spruce Swamp Sunset
Walk Softly Walk Softly
Rain (oil drawing giclee) Rain (oil drawing giclee)
Starlight Glow (on black) Starlight Glow (on black)
Starlight Glow (on white) Starlight Glow (on white)
Calm Waters (Version II) Calm Waters (Version II)
Sailing Towards the Horizon Sailing Towards the Horizon
Seaside Sunrise Seaside Sunrise
Boy with Toy Boat Boy with Toy Boat
“E” is for Eel “E” is for Eel
Close-hauled Close-hauled
“O” is for Outboard Motor “O” is for Outboard Motor
Calm Waters Calm Waters
Anchorage Sunset Anchorage Sunset
“M” is for Mainsail “M” is for Mainsail
Sunrise Anchorage Sunrise Anchorage
Pair Rowing Pair Rowing
Sunset Reflection Sunset Reflection
Cold Rain Cold Rain
Sloops at Rest Sloops at Rest
Sailboats on a Reach Sailboats on a Reach
Boat Basin Boat Basin